Air Travel: It May Not Be As Enjoyable, But It Is Safer Essay

Air Travel: It May Not Be As Enjoyable, But It Is Safer Essay

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Air travel has come a long way in a relatively short time. Advances in technology and engineering have propelled this industry to unimaginable heights. Advances also have provided for an affordable, reliable, and safe mode of transportation. In the past decade air travel has become a target for terrorist to prove their endeavor at gaining the world’s attention and attempts to prove their points of view. The attacks of September 11, 2011 and others around the world have proven how real these issues are and America has taken up the fight in this arena. The continued credible threat of terrorist attacks against the nation’s commercial airports requires that TSA take adequate measures to ensure the highest level of security possible, consistent with current threat levels and with reasonable consideration for the privacy of air travelers.
Credible Threats
Perhaps one of the most credible threats regarding airline security is the case of Richard Reid. Richard Reid was the man charged with trying to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight with explosives in his shoe. (CNN, 2002) It may not be known to some that Mr. Reid was actually held for questioning the day before and missed his flight. He attempted to board the plane the following day only to be subjected to more questioning but was ultimately allowed to fly. He was caught trying to light a cable on the tongue of his shoe in mid flight when he was subdued by crew and passengers. (CNN, 2002) He is not alone in this matter; Abdul Haqq Baker, chairman of Brixton mosque in south London stated there were perhaps as many as 1,000 extremist Muslims in the UK, of whom at least 100 were ready to become suicide bombers. (BBC, 2001) There is no lack of volunteers “for the cause”, somet...

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