Air Pollution Is A Serious Problem Affecting Tourism, The Environment, And People 's Overall Health

Air Pollution Is A Serious Problem Affecting Tourism, The Environment, And People 's Overall Health

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Air pollution is a major issue in society currently. During the early parts of the 1900’s and up until the 1970’s all industries went unchecked for the harmful chemicals released into the environment. Since then many “Clean Air” acts have been passed, improving the environment tremendously, reducing the amount of contaminants in our air substantially. Although these “Clean Air” acts have helped our ecosystem immensely, the remnants of the past still haunt us today. In some areas air pollution is still a serious problem affecting tourism, the environment, and people’s overall health.
Tourism is a multibillion dollar industry in the United States, and air pollution inhibits Americans from attending parts of the country, because there is a chance of becoming ill. According to the air safety blog “Bakersfield California has some of the most polluted air in the country, the area ranks highest in annual and 24-hour peak averages in fine particulates. “ Many Americans do not feel safe traveling to this part of California in fear of damaging their lungs. Because of air pollution, the second worst place to visit in the United States is Los Angeles California. Los Angeles averages 122 days with smog per year. Bonnie Holmes-Gen senior policy director of the American Lung Association says that “Air pollution is not just a nuisance, or the haze we see on the horizon; its literally putting our health in danger.”
China unquestionably has the worst air emissions in the world, cooperations spew coal dust, heavy metal fumes, and other ozone ruining gasses into the atmosphere. These gasses make traveling unappealing and unsafe for tourists. According to China pollution blog “The amount of money lost from minimal tourism is in ...

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...e rapid intake of bad air can permanently damage the athletes lungs, causing tissue scarring. Tissue scarring is an irreversible effect of breathing in polluted air, this causes lungs to not be used to its full capacity. Although air pollution is not going away quickly it is still possible to avoid getting sick from it by simply watching out for “bad air days.”
Air pollution causes a myriad of problems, it is apparent through many studies that air pollution is harmful to tourism, environment, and human health. Major corporations are not the only ones at fault, for what has happened, everyone has contributed to the worlds air contamination in some way. Efforts to clean up our air has gone rewarded. The government has helped immensely with the laws now set in motion. Although many more steps are needed to rid our atmosphere of pollution, we are on the right track.

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