Essay The Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team

Essay The Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team

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Operation Eligible Receiver
The Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) discovered something different while on shift, a series of anomalies, which shook the core of our nation’s defense. In February 1998, two teenagers successfully burrowed their way into many electrical networks all over the U.S. Since cyber-attacks were thought to be years away, this incident left the Pentagon and other agencies in an uproar. Cyber threat warnings were given and ignored by the Pentagon and other agencies before. This incident had finally made cyber threat a serious matter and the government was now ready to acknowledge it as a serious matter.
Although there was no breach to access classified information from sensitive systems, the Pentagon realized the need to develop a plan and test it to ensure that the next hackers would be diverted to prevent a breach of any classified by electronic means. In 1997, NSA hackers launched ELIGIBLE RECEIVER, a “no-notice interoperability exercise” in which red teams intruded into DoD networks with alarming ease (Healey, 2013). Graham (1998) revealed two issues the Pentagon would need to be accosted in order to prevent future incidents among federal and military bases. In order to detect a variety of attacks, more equipment was needed to monitor the anomalies. Graham also identified the lack of a response mechanism for incidents of cyber-attacks (Graham, 1998, p. A01).
The federal government had to acknowledge the full danger of cyber-attacks. It was an amazing feat the teenagers were able to carry out the attacks with no specialized equipment. This prompted the Pentagon with the idea to conduct a test to ensure measure the security in place protecting government and private industry networks....

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