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Air And Sea Travel Center Essay

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Firstly, I would like to take about the customer service and satisfaction at Air & Sea Travel Center. Air & Sea Travel Center has a great amount of repeating client, our royal customer always come back to us because our great customer services. We have suppliers like Hawaiian Airline, Asiana Airline, China Airline, Marriott Hotel and other service suppliers that we could offer to our valued client. We make sure that every special request from our value client should deliver to the service supplier so that our clients could receive what they requested and wished upon their arrivals and departs. The impact of customer service on customer satisfaction is huge, that is one of the reasons why Air & Sea Travel Center has knowledgeable Tour Consultants, Tour Operators, and Tour Directors to implementing their their knowledge and personal experiences to our valued client. Most of us believe that customers will return if they can talk, to ask with someone is real and well-educated person when they call on our business phone or meet-in-person, this is true because in Travel Industry, to achieve customer satisfaction, customer services fall in high-contact and high-communication. The most important step is to listen, to listen every request and concern from our client, then, we suggest the best service that is suitable for our client.
The second step is to take the action, we acknowledged the service supplier and provider in order the client to receive the service upon their arrival, stay, and depart. The last step is to make sure that our client enjoyed and happy with our services, we would do a customer satisfaction survey to check if they satisfy with the service we provided. We learn through from the feedback of the survey, we continue ...

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..., they have printer and fax. Although, the business website has various updated tour information, but online user is not able to book the tour through the website that they need to meet the Tour consultant in person in order to purchase the tour package. As social media becoming a tool to attracting new customer, Air & Sea Travel Center should improve social relationship with online users. When I look at the reviews on, there are couple 1 or 2-star review about the business, I saw most of other organization would take steps in this part by replying to the bad reviews and try their best to solve any issues and complaints, but the Air & Sea Travel Center rarely taking any steps on social media, so I would like to recommend the business should take consideration of taking a part in social media for attracting new customer and continuing keep repeating customer.

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