AIDS-Infected Orphans Essay

AIDS-Infected Orphans Essay

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The epidemic of HIV has affected another epidemic, Orphans. The UN says that in 2010 there will be about 53.1million orphans and more than 15 million will be because their one or both parents died from HIV/AIDS (orphans in Africa project). In 2008, around 430,000 children under the age of 14 were infected with HIV (Queiroz, Africa a continent of orphans). Children that are abandoned by their parents become are emotionally traumatized. (AIDS orphans) This creates a problem with their psychological state. (AIDS orphans) Another reason why children has psychological problems after the death of their parent is because in school kids might taunt or harass them (Children orphaned from AIDS) Why a psychological can effect orphans lives is that they get distracted and sooner or later unable to attend school. (AIDS orphans) Also when parents die from HIV/AIDS and leave two children, this gives the older one the responsibility to take care of his/her sibling, which can be hard to be a child and act like a parent. (AIDS orphans) Because of lack of attendance in school and having to be the head of a family, orphans grow up not learning valuable life skills and this can cause them to have economical, social and health problems when they grow up. (AIDS orphans) If a child does get adopted or is sent to a foster home they are still usually made to give up school to work and get money for food (Children orphaned from AIDS). Also children affected by AIDS are at the risk of losing their property and inheritance, which then results with orphans without a roof over their head and no money (Children orphaned from AIDS). Even though it is hard to think of ways to save/ help orphans there are some ways. One way is to not do anything, by that, do what...

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...he Year 2000:." State and Local Government Review 29.1 (1997): 27-33. Print

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