Aids : Global Aids Crisis Essay

Aids : Global Aids Crisis Essay

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Global AIDS Crisis
What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the spread of AIDS throughout the world? AIDS is sometimes considered a “foreigner’s disease,” coming from somewhere else and imported into isolated communities by travelers and refugees in time of war. According to the book, Global Aids Crisis, studies conducted on every continent show that those who travel frequently are at an increased risk for infection with HIV/AIDS. Since the virus has spread it has troubled millions of people around the world. AIDS is an alarming sickness which is caused by an infection called, HIV. When it gets inside your body, it attacks your immune system instantly. AIDS is a very destructive disease and has spread fast throughout the world because of poverty, massive migrations of people, war and other conflicts across the world, we must help to find a cure.
As a result, the virus has greatly affected people in countries across the world, especially Africa. In Africa there are thousands of medical facilities in South Africa and they all have a high occupancy rating. In South Africa today, 80% of patients hospitalized in facilities have HIV (“Impact of HIV and AIDS...”). People working in these facilities such as doctors and nurses put themselves at risk because they are at risk for getting HIV related illnesses. In Africa there is a high demand for treatment of the disease and the hospitals have very low resources and training to treat HIV patients. When HIV first started there were very little resources to use for the patients that needed help.
However, the people of Africa were also greatly affected by the virus. In the early stages of the virus a lot of people were dying in Africa before they even turned the age of 50...

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...uld do their part in averting the infection from continuing to advance. When you are tested and your test comes back positive, you should be isolated and not able to have sexual activity anymore in your life. I feel that would be a good place to start in helping stop the spread of this disease. All countries should do everything in their power help avoid someone else from being affected by AIDS. I feel that testing people who work in the medical field should be done, although it breaks the law, I really believe it would help slow down the advancement of the virus even more. AIDS education should be authorized in all countries across the world. What is to come is not yet clear for the sufferers who have been greatly affected and drastically changed by this deadly virus. As a society we all can contribute and do more to help stop the spread and advancement of AIDS/HIV.

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