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Aid Of Computers

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With the outbreak of the computer age in almost all areas of our world, computers had become essential tools in the progress of a nation and aided men throughout the course of history and this very moment, they can be found from a house kitchen to the busy streets of the urban world.
Since it can process facts faster and more effective than ever, man has derived many functions from these machines and derived uses from those benefits. One benefit computers give is the help they give through the educational sector and an example of this is the school Holy Family Academy. These technological advances can be found from libraries, computer laboratories and even in the faculty. Many benefits can be found from these gadgets but like a double-edged sword, every benefit comes with a price.
Although many uses are derived from computers, some suffered and were even harmed by using such tools. In the industrial sector, many lose their jobs because they were substituted by computer-based machineries and some countries increased the rate of unemployment. Basically, many failed to trust their own skills to compensate in the world's challenges and would just rely on computers.
The purpose of this research is to know and understand the functions of computers further, particularly in the educational sector and people related with this field. The study will tackle its effects on the lives of educators and students, particularly in Holy Family Academy.
Review of Related Literature and Related Studies
Definition of Computers as discussed by Murdock (1995)
Computers are simply defined by many people as machines used to process information or an electronic device used to calculate very large or very small numerical values. The fact that computers are electronic means that they need to be fast in operating plenty of data. "Processing" has different meanings through the course of history and evolved through the ages. When computers are first used, processing of data would mean calculating of numbers. But today, computers are not only for solving numbers, but also for many other functions: from traffic lights even to the investigation of the outer space.
Brief History of Computers by Peter Norton (1995)
Although first computers were generally characterized by the first calculators which were small, the first generation of computers were based primarily on vacuum-tube technology and were bulky in size and usually used in code-breaking and weapons management during the World War II. Second generation computers appeared during the mid-1960's and replaced the vacuum tubes of the previous generation with transistors.

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Programming language was also introduced making people more related and closer with computers. However, they were also replaced by the third generation of computers which consists of small integrator circuits and were now smaller in structure and size. But in 1971, the fourth generation of computers were introduced; existing transistors and integrated circuits were substituted by microprocessors with even
better ability for calculating and faster processing of data. These types of computers are still used today in our contemporary period and their functions evolved from calculating number crunchers to exploring worlds beyond the wildest imagination. However, several computer specialists are designing even better computers and they shall be known to people as the fifth generation. These supercomputers are already formulated since the start of the 21st century and their main feature is what we know as the artificial intelligence.
Impact on Education (Everett Murdock, 1995)
For the past ten years, computers had evolved and man had improved them to make the lives of humanity better. Computer Revolution made man understand the world better and communicate through vast lands and deep oceans in just a click of the mouse button. With these, man, especially the youth, are closer in contact with these so-called machines making the present generation more adept in using them for various functions.
And because of that, many schools had applied the science of computer in their curriculum to educate students about computer literacy. Many students now are more knowledgeable in computers than previous years. Even teachers from other countries take up computer lessons to teach their students more effectively.
Indeed, learning became more efficient and easier for students because in just a few clicks and typing, the questions that are asked could be answered through the use of the net. Projects and experiments are developed through the use of computer technology. Online informative tests are also available in the net
making everyone effective learners through various quizzes which are proven educational not only to students but also to other people and entertaining to anyone as well.
Here in the Philippines, the Department of Education introduced some computer literacy to improve its ailing condition. Since the world is all about computers, the department aims to help our students to cope with other countries' capabilities in terms of computer technology. One of their programs is the "Shared Knowledge Program" which goal is to teach at least 5000 students in a certain area about the use of MS programs and the internet. This suggestion and all other computer based government programs helped in narrowing the digital gap of our country especially in rural regions and improved the computer literacy of most members of society.

Statement of the Problem
Although computes have many uses and are indeed very helpful to man, they also bring about harmful effects, particularly in educational sectors of our country. Based on personal experiences of the researchers, it is really hard to cope with lessons and certain activities in school especially when one is facing the computer screen, playing and surfing the net day in and day out. Moreover, many lose their concentration in their work and obligations. In this study, the researchers would like to know and answer the following:
1. What other effects can computer technology bring unto man, specifically in educational areas?
2. How will certain groups remove if not lessen the negative effects?
3. What will the people do to avoid these hazards and instead improve their educational lives through computers?
4. What will the administration do about existing problems caused by the computers?
Significance of the Study
The scope of the study is to know more about computers from students' and teachers' points of view. It will also investigate more of those effects, either positive or negative, and pose some solutions or suggestions to help readers to reduce if not eliminate existing hazards caused by computer technology.

As we all know, HFA had coped with our technological world and introduced computers in its facilities. And because of that, more students and teachers became more familiar with the technology and shared in the benefits and other effects of computers. By the end of the study, readers may know more about computers and may avoid the negative side of computers as they survive our present modern world.
Scope and Limitations
The study is only limited on specific effects of computers on high school students of HFA whose population reach about 344 students. Although not all students will be selected, certain students will be chosen from random selection. To have a broader knowledge, the researchers will interview some educators preferably from the same school. Individuals may see computers as very helpful machines and may depend heavily on them. People who are seldom in contact with these advances view them as hard-to-understand that may ruin one's freedom someday. The researchers want to erase those negative ideas and thus this study will focus on computers as defined by users, certain functions, effects to various individuals, and solutions on pending problems.
Effects of computers on certain individuals vary and with these, selected respondents would be asked to monitor their activities and their methods. The result of this study would greatly help in informing the readers about helpful facts that are related with the relation of computers and education.

Definition of Terms
These terms were highlighted to broaden the focus of the researchers' study and inform the readers as well:
Computer Literacy. It is the basic knowledge about computers and their functions; It is also the ability to compensate on those certain requirements to use computers effectively.
Computer Revolution. It is the time when computers became known to man. Actually, the contemporary period is still a part of the computer revolution.
Educators. This refers to the teaching and non-teaching staff of an organization who gives information to students.
HFA. This refers to Holy Family Academy, a Benedictine school accredited by PAASCU where the study will take place.
High School Students. Basically, these words refer to all secondary level students who had graduated from Elementary Years.
Integrator Circuits. These are parts of the computers from the second generation where data is being processed.
Microprocessors. Others call them microchips; these tiny gadgets are used by computers of our present day to process data.
Programming Language. This is also known as the language of computers where inputting the data has been easier due top this.

The researchers used the input-process-output system to represent their conceptual framework. Most data, if not all, shall be gathered from the grounds of Holy Family Academy.
To input data, they will focus on the following methods: survey which will be executed to the students and teachers, personal knowledge of the researchers about the topic, data gathered from certain resources other than the respondents, library research and training attained by the teacher.
` To process the data input, the researchers will engage in the following systems: concrete application of the processes used by the computers, updating the system in software used and interviews with students and educator which, of course, are from the said school. Moreover data gathered from the input process will also be analyzed to formulate more insights.
Expected output from the processing method shall illustrate the effects of computer technology on educators and students.
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