Ai Weiwei: Protestant Artist Essay

Ai Weiwei: Protestant Artist Essay

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Over the years art is becoming a way to express feelings without the need of violence. Ai Weiwei is one of the very well known protestant artists who made various types of art projects to speak against China's communist goverment and the injustices that have happened. No violence is used through these art projects because they are just simply pieces of art that speak by themselves. Through all this Ai Weiwei is able to bring awareness and get people to support his causes around the world. One issue which I feel very strongly about is the murders and disapperances of women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Many families are affected by the disapereances of their daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives each year. To this date, it is still a mystery who is behind all these crimes, and not many people are willing to stand up and stop such autrocities.
My proposal for a public art project is to build a statue of a woman in some sort of pose showing delicatecy as well as affliction. The body of the woman should be bare showing the contours of her breasts and curves but not much detail. T...

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