Essay on The Agriculture Insinuative Grant Should Remain Funded

Essay on The Agriculture Insinuative Grant Should Remain Funded

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Agriculture is a vital part of the worlds survival. Without agriculture the public would not have it’s main producer of food. Cutting agriculture funding would have a chain effect leading to catastrophic results. Without there being Ag programs to teach kids about agriculture who would raise livestock, grow crops, and do the fabrication for the world? It’s simple no one, that type of work is one that Ag specializes in. It does not make sense to stop or reduce funding to such programs. The percentages of revenue that this industry brings in is a huge turnout to the four point one million dollars they invested. With that small funding the Ag industry puts millions of dollars back into the economy. Even though we are in debut the Governor of California should not stop funding Agriculture programs which brings in a huge portion of California's revenue.
There are a wide verity of careers and job opportunities in the world today. The careers are endless ranging from the medical field, law enforcement, Ag, and many more. Agriculture is a very important and interesting career path to choose. Desk jobs are not for everybody that is where agriculture comes in to play. Most of the hands-on jobs and careers are in the agriculture field. By the four point one million dollars put in to the locally controlled funds all the shop classes offered by high schools would be gone. A majority of the grant funding is for the career technical education courses offered by California high schools. These classes do not fund raise so they depend on the federal and or state grants they receive.
California has been leading the world with agriculture production for over fifty years. According to it is the leading dairy producer in the wor...

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