Agriculture in Afghanistan Essay

Agriculture in Afghanistan Essay

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“Much Afghan produce has unlimited demand in regional markets and in terms of soil and sun, water and weather, Afghanistan has the ideal growing conditions of California and Chile.” (Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock).
“Garden City”. When you hear this phrase you don't instantly think about Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan however was know as the Garden City for a long time. This however does not ring true today. After decades of war Afghanistan's agricultural prowess is not what it once was. Before the Soviet Invasion in 1978 agriculture was responsible for nearly half of the countries Gross Domestic Product. Afghanistan once accounted for almost sixty percent of the worlds dried fruit. All this changed when the country was thrust into the international lime light and became the barren looking land that we think of as Afghanistan today. In 2001 the United States invaded Afghanistan with the intent on eradicating the terrorist threats that came from that country. Little did they know that they might be doing something more for Afghanistan than they thought they were. Afghanistan became a hot bed for international support, and their agriculture is a large receptor of this support. It is many peoples goals to help Afghanistan try and regain its economy and a little stability by aiding them in reconstructing a bustling agriculture. In the twelve years since the US invasion many great successes have been made in revitalizing Afghanistan agriculture. A success in Afghanistan can be thought of as something that either once was great about the country and is now being brought back, or something that the country lacked before that they are now getting.
This success story from Afghanistan is that the countr...

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