Agriculture And Its Impact On Agriculture Essay

Agriculture And Its Impact On Agriculture Essay

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Throughout history, there has been revolutions that brought us to where we are today. One vast and dramatic revolution, maybe even the biggest, was the transition from a hunting and gathering society to an agricultural society. The transition between gathering wild plants and hunting wild animals to the growing of crops and taming of animals. Many people agree agriculture was one of the best developments that happened in history for many reasons; however, there has been strong evidence that shows that may not be completely accurate. Although agriculture brought some positive advancements, it also brought social and gender inequality, spread of diseases, and malnutrition that led agriculture to become the worst mistake in history.

With the expansion of agriculture some people argue that it was a grave mistake and if they could, would go back and rewrite history so that people kept their hunting and gathering society, and never turned to agriculture. All the same, there are others that agree agriculture was the best occurrence and brought us many of the luxuries we have surrounding us today. Before agriculture, the Paleolithic century, the population kept expanding, with not enough food to support this growth increase. People at this time did not have time to focus on developing more sophisticated tools, or other skills, their only focus was on surviving. When food was grown from crops and animals were kept, not hunted there was enough food and even surpluses to go around because of the stable supply of food. In addition to more food, there was more variety and people were able to focus on improving and mastering specialized skills instead of just focusing on food. At the same time, it 's hard to overlook the fact that social and...

... middle of paper ... diseases, and its assumed that since they leaning over from physical labor tending to their crops, this explains why they show signs of decaying in the spine. Armelagos also says that, “Life expectancy at birth in the pre-agricultural community was bout twenty-six years, but in the post-agricultural community it was nineteen years. So these episodes of nutritional disease and infectious disease were seriously affecting their ability to survive,”.

Ultimately, agriculture has brought some positive advancements but mainly numerous problems as well. Some consequences include social and gender inequality, the spread of diseases, and malnutrition. If our ancestors had not started the growing of crops and the domestication of animals no one would know for certain where we would be, but it is promising that it would have been better than where agriculture brought us.

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