Essay on Agricultural Industry-Lipton Tea

Essay on Agricultural Industry-Lipton Tea

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1. The agricultural industry………………………………………………3
2. Lipton Tea……………………………………………………………………..4
2.1 The Rainforest Alliance……………………………………............4-5
2.2 Threats and challenges…………………………………………….6-7
2.3Best and Worst Practices…………………………………………..7-8
3. Concluding Remarks/ Suggestions…………………………….…8

1. The Agricultural Industry
Sustainable development at its core contains three main elements: Environmental Protection, Social Equity and Economic Growth a concept often referred to as the triple bottom line: Business that looks to its impacts in terms of finance the environment and people. In agricultural sustainability we are in fact considering the effects of the agricultural sector on these three factors, sustainable agriculture has to be able to preserve the environment, control and protect the energy, water and soil while enhancing the well-being of the farmers in a safe climate relieved from any surroundings that might threaten the health of the workers while ensuring high quality products. While the two terms ‘sustainability’ and CSR had been used interchangeably some authors like to distinguish their meaning stating that sustainability only comes to light to justify the existence of CSR and as a concept represents the ways of doing business and the responsibilities undertaken by the companies regarding their impact on the environment and society as a whole. The industry faces with many challenges few mentioned as main issues are: environmental protection related mostly to resource scarcity, working conditions and health standards.
Sustainable Agriculture embodies the following principles:
 Based on the cautions use of renewable or recyclable resources.
 Conserves the natural systems so that natural r...

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