Agreeableness And Brain Activity During Emotion Attribution Decisions Essay

Agreeableness And Brain Activity During Emotion Attribution Decisions Essay

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Agreeableness and Brain Activity During Emotion Attribution Decisions: Agreeableness and the Prospect Trait
Personality characteristics in the Big Five model of personality belong to neurological responsiveness during cognitive and emotional processing. Agreeableness is one personality trait that is related to prosociality. Nevertheless, it is presently unknown how individual distinctness in agreeableness may exhibit particular social–cognitive trends promoting prosocial behavior. This research was designed to examine the connection between agreeableness and brain activity while deducing the cause of another person’s emotional response.
There is experimental proof that agreeableness belongs to social–cognitive operation including empathy, theory of mind, and perspective taking. Highly agreeable participants were more precise in identifying their partner’s emotions in comparison with low agreeable participators. Determining the cause of another person’s response, which is called “emotion attribution,” relies on a network of brain systems including the temporoparietal junction (TPJ), medial prefrontal cortex, and precuneus, which is collectively often described as the mentalizing system.
The researchers gathered fMRI data while participants (n = 72) completed an emotional attribution assignment. On the emotional attribution assignment, participants were infirmed to establish two different types of decisions (i.e., emotion attribution and gender match). In the emotional attribution case, each participant was asked to select which of the two social–emotional scenes they thought caused another person’s emotional response. In the gender match case, each participant was asked to adapt the gender of people within each social–emotional s...

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... instance, it would be valuable to examine whether or not the agreeableness trait will tend to be superior to extraversion on a situation which demands cooperation. For another idea to real world implication, agreeableness is precious in making the world secure. In general, high agreeableness is related to successful solution of conflicts between individuals. Research may be conducted for people living in safe, average, or dangerous places. By using an online self-reporting survey, a participant from each group will be tested to see how agreeable he or she is. It is predicted that more people living in safe places are agreeable. The more agreeable people there are on the earth, the more peaceful the world is. This tendency may further any movement regarding the ways in which to grow agreeable people in the world in order to resolve issues such as conflicts and wars.

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