The Agony Aunt and Trip Essay

The Agony Aunt and Trip Essay

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I opened my sleep-filled eyes, rubbing the underside of each one as I yawned. At first, I was surprised as to why I was in a moving vehicle, before remembering a few seconds later that I was on a coach, and had gotten off a plane from London to Savannah, Georgia four hours ago. Glancing out the window at a passing shop's clock, I was surprised to see that it was already 5p.m.

As a natural instinct, I turned round to speak to my best friend, April, before remembering that this bus, unlike usual ones, were single seaters. I had watched plenty of American school dramas before, and I was reasonably sure that school buses in the U.S.A were basically the same to where I came from in the U.K. This, however, contradicted it.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled that I was selected for this school trip. I loved the Big Apple, and I loved musical theatre. Those two came together in the form of Broadway, where we were going to presently. It was just all so exciting - and this had nothing to do with the school trip itself, but the abnormally kinky side of me couldn't wait to see all the American boys. Maybe they just might take my mind off Carter.
Carter. No, Kathy, think of something else.

I was bothered about not being able to talk to my friends for the next - I checked my watch again - seven hours or so (it was an eleven hour bus journey), before we would arrive at Broadway for our media studies exams. Despite that, my worst problem as of the current time was my clichéd tiny bladder. It was seriously irritating, and I didn't want to risk a repeat of ignoring this urgency, which I hadn't experienced, thank goodness, since I was six years old.

Flexing and stretching after I undid my seat belt and got up, I held on the back of each s...

... middle of paper ...

...latched the tacky window, opening it as far as I could.

Ok, Kathy. Time to test your upper body strength.

I held on to the top frame (to this day, I still don't understand exactly why I didn't grab the bottom) of the window and swung myself up.

The next bit happened in a matter of two seconds. It was like I had suddenly gained a massive amount of strength, and as my legs shot feet first through the window, which was now a lot bigger than I had thought it would be, something in my left arm cracked and I let go of the frame, tumbling straight into a muddy ditch.


When I woke up, I saw three unfamiliar guys staring down at me - not in a perverted way, but in concern.

One of them happened to be Sean.

"Um, hi again." He said.

"Yes, hi." I said, sitting up and trying my best to ignore the burning pain in my left arm.

He had some explaining to do.

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