Agonizing Over Impossible Math Problems Essay

Agonizing Over Impossible Math Problems Essay

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Agonizing over impossible math problems is a youthful rite of passage I never had to endure. Since first grade, mathematics has always offered a solution to even the hardest problems. I have continuously found great satisfaction in how fluidly and gracefully a pencil could solve a problem. Through school, I found homework enjoyable, completing extra exercises for fun. As math extended into the biology and chemistry disciplines, my interest in pursuing it as a career grew. Stretching from the generous field of science to the mystifying and mentally stimulating field of mathematics, the rewarding field of biostatistics is one I hope to enter.
Entering Old Dominion University, I knew biology would allow me to work with both math and science. Studying up to business calculus, I yearned for more math exposure. In 2013, I started work as a data analyst for the ODU avian ecology graduate program, verifying and compiling information for bird and tick interaction studies. I then worked in the Eastern Virginia Medical School pathology lab studying ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) under Dr. Earl Godfrey. Here, we grew and differentiated stem cells, maintained laboratory specimens, and treated cells to examine and determine the rates of cellular degradation. These experiments required mathematically altering amounts of cells, proteins, and medium present, dependent upon the experiment’s purpose and concentrations of materials used. From my laboratory involvement, I became proficient in executing laboratory techniques and translating data, taking care to execute my work with extreme precision.
Upon graduating in 2014, I began work as an ophthalmic technician. Here, I enhanced my professional interpersonal skills, working with patients of various a...

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...can be seen from my academic background, with the exception of a single semester in my early undergraduate days, my overall performance has been positive. I regret that semester when work necessities and family responsibilities kept me from performing at my best, but instead of letting a poor, out of character semester deter me, I learned the importance of seeking academic resources early and not overextending myself. My broad experiences in biology and mathematics ensure I am able to efficiently assemble and communicate scientific data to those in disciplines outside the scientific realm. Working in the ophthalmic field, I have seen firsthand the effects of statistics on a patient faced with risky surgery. This program will allow me to practice a talent I love, ensuring my work is of the utmost accuracy, so others may benefit from it, medically or environmentally.

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