Agnes De Mille : An American Dancer Essay

Agnes De Mille : An American Dancer Essay

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Agnes de Mille was an American dancer, choreographer and director. Mille was born on September 18, 1905 in New York City. Agnes de Mille came from a middle classed family with a history in the theater. Her father, William Churchill de Mille was a famous playwright and her mother was Anna George. Agnes de Mile’s uncle was a well-known Hollywood director. As a young child she had an interested in dancing, but she then had an interest in dance. However, her parents’ didn’t believe that dance would be the best career plan and so her parents were unsupportive and wouldn’t let her dance.
When she was younger, her and her family moved to California. She attended an all girls private school. She later graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a degree in English. Not only did she graduate from one of the top colleges in America, but also she graduated with high honors. This shows that she was a very intelligent person. While in California she learned how to dance. Unfortunately, her parents separated and she moved back to New York with her mother and sister. When she moved back to New York, Mille passion for dance grew, but she couldn’t find employment in theatre. In result of not finding employment she choreographed her own dances and designed all of her costumes. She would put on recitals as a soloist. Mille moved her way to London: “In 1933, she shifted to London where she studied with Dame Marie Rambert and joined Rambert’s company, namely, The Ballet Club” (Agnes de Mille Biography, (n.d.). She had choreographed a film, but it was cut: “Next year, she choreographed the film ‘Cleopatra’, but unfortunately the dance was cut from the film later” (Agnes de Mille Biography, (n.d.). She later came back to Am...

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...releve, which is happening in Oklahoma many of the dancers rise on the tip of their toes. En L’ Air is happening a lot when the male dancers are lifting the girls in the air and when the dancers are jumping in the air. Agnes de Millle’s life is very influential. Throughout her life she had ups and downs, but she always stayed positive. No matter what Mille never gave up and she always tried her best. She was also an amazing dancer and ballet grabbed many peoples’ attention. She was very a successful dancer, choreographer and director. Through her choreography there is a message, which is very inspirational and touches many people. When watching Mille’s choreography it isn’t just a dance it’s a story and a lesson. She choreographed many performances. Agnes de Mille was a brilliant person and her all of her hard work is still being recognized in the theatre world.

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