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The Aging Brain
Why does the human brain age? Brain aging is a part of human life and a big part of society as the awareness for brain aging increases. Over time memory tends to become less efficient as we age and the neurons in the brain decreases (Bendheim, P.E. (2009). By 2050 in the US, 20 percent of the population will be 65 years or older. And as the elderly population increases, so will the incidence of age-related neurological disorders (Perlmutter, David. (2004). Therefor it is important to understand the aging brain, and how to keep the brain functioning as one ages.
As age increases, we can expect some loss of heart, lung, joint, and sexual functioning. Some loss of brain cells and mental efficiency is a normal part of healthy aging (Bendheim, P.E. (2009). Our human brain consist of living cells, which are constantly learning, as we referrer a small child’s brain as a sponge because it is constantly thinking and storing memories. When that child gets older, the brain will get older too, and it will be strong but response will slow down (Perlmutter, David. (2004). Alzheimer’s seems to always make the news, but it is not the only disease connected with the aging brain.
A healthy brain can have normal aging. A normal cognitive aging leads to predictable changes in thinking and memory that are associated with getting older (Memory impairment. (2010). The normal “healthy” brain aging is defined as aging without disease. Many elderly people do not exhibit symptoms of disease and live a normal, but never less they may display a little forgetfulness (Perlmutter, David. (2004). The normal brain aging differs from pathological aging caused by diseases that damage the brain, such as Alzheimer’s or cerebrovascular disease (Me...

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...the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain to die. The symptoms depend on the part of the brain affected, but the most common signs include extreme changes in behavior and personality. For those with Frontotemporal dementia, 30 to 40 percent have a family history of dementia, suggesting the illness has a genetic component (Memory impairment. (2010).

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