Essay about The Aging Adult And The Issue Of Negligence

Essay about The Aging Adult And The Issue Of Negligence

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The Aging Adult and the Issue of Negligence
As the adult begins to age there has been a sudden notice of care diminishing for the older adult. Some people state that the older adult no longer deserves the proper care because they are “old” and do not matter as much. This is a form of elder abuse. Everyone deserves the same amount of care because we are all human and all continue to be humans for the rest of our lives. All humans deserve care, whether they were born two hours ago or even if he/she are two hours away from dying; they all deserve proper care. This paper is going to outline some of the major issues involving elder abuse, things to look for when suspecting elder abuse, ways the older adult can help themselves when it comes to abuse towards them, and also some ways technology can come in handy when preventing abuse from happening.

Issues Relevant to Older Adults
As a person ages, they sometimes lose their ability to care for themselves; or it sometimes becomes too difficult for their family to care for them. Therefore, this results in a move to some form of residence for older adults where they get looked after by medical personnel (nurses, PCA’s, etc.). They move into these places expecting to receive top care, which is what is supposed to happen isn’t it? But most of the time they are faced with a terrible reality. Whether it be from lack of staff or just lack of compassionate caregivers, the adult is sometimes left not being looked after for hours upon hours; sometimes even sitting in their own stool or urine. According to Donnelly (2014), “The watchdog found nursing home residents lying in wet beds, surrounded by a stench of urine, with many not getting help to eat and being ignor...

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...n. There are many ways technology can help, and it will only get more and more advanced over time until eventually there will be a form of technology out there that will stop elder abuse completely.

Elder abuse is a serious issue not only in Canada but all over the world. Older adults will always deserve care no matter what. As mentioned throughout this paper there are many signs to look for of elder abuse, ways to assist an older adult in maintaining health when faced with this issue, and ways technology can help prevent and inform about elder abuse. People just need to be informed about the issue and ways to prevent it from happening because everyone deserves the best care. Older adults who can no longer care for themselves go into places like LTC so they can be looked after, not so they can be neglected and left to die.

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