Agile Software Development Methodologies Essay

Agile Software Development Methodologies Essay

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The conventional software development methodologies projects have failed to overcome the problem of volatility in the present project management processes in organizations. This is because they are mostly linear and sequential, imposing a significant challenge when meeting changing user requirements. Volatility in user requirements has been a significant predicament until the discovery of agile project management methodologies such as scrum, Extreme programming, and Future driven development. Volatility originates from the urge of organizations to cope up with varying technological structure and market dynamics (Cockburn, 2002). The conventional software development methods include sequential and linear processes cannot meet changing user requirements, but have shown their efficacy in meeting consistent requirements. These challenges have increased sophistication and inter-reliance of systems subjecting the usual methods to extinction. The concept of agile software development refers to an iterative method employed when determining the necessities of software developments projects with regard to flexibility and intensified interaction. Apparently, agile software development methodologies are more advantageous than conventional methods. The supporting facts to this statement reveal why scrum and XP are increasing emerging as preferable techniques. The main purpose of this is to discuss the criteria used to support the claim that agile software development methodologies are a superior design method. This paper affirms that agile software development methodologies are more effective than the conventional project methodologies because they are simple, iterative and incremental, resulting to efficacy in meeting changing customer requir...

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...plementation of efficient ways that allow development of groupware software. Some of the disadvantages that have opposed the rise to popularity of agile methodologies include insufficient requirements, paired programming in XP, evolution of agile requirements, and product testing.


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