Essay on Aggression Between Females And Females

Essay on Aggression Between Females And Females

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Aggression between females should become a more widespread topic due to all the negative effects it causes to the young adolescent minds of females. By conducting interviews this should help discover what the effects are and how they handled the aggressive treatment. From the research conducted so far, it has shown that aggression between females is seen as a normal everyday habit. But when interviewing recipients as they retail their past experiences they prove that not only is it normal but most don’t view it as being hurtful rather that it’s venting. In this lit review, we will look at the main terms and key factors that affect this concept as to why there needs to be a stop on aggression among females.
Relational Aggression
A large proportion of the research points to the most common form of aggression being relational between women. According to Miller-Ott and Kelly (2013) relational aggression is the behaviors that harm others through falsification or harm to social. Miller-Ott and Kelly (2013) continued by saying they believe that this is viewed as normative and expected behavior in peer relationships between women. Therefore, they are declaring that it just comes naturally to women do and that it’s difficult to deviate from. To the point that in order to establish their need for superiority, control, and power is through relational aggression thus making it appear that in order to achieve your goals you must act this way (Crothers, Lipinski, and Minutolo 2009).
In addition, Behm-Morawitz and Mastro (2008) reports that collectively aggressive acts are being supportively compensated with increased popularity, power, and/or for just feelings of delight. Developing pleasure from causing manipulation to relationships or friends...

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... demonstrate a more pronounced increase in self-consciousness. However, fear of being rejected by peers’ has caused women to avoid upsetting their peers (Crothers, Lipinski, and Minutolo 2009). Which only creates more problems once people realizes that they aren’t being authentic. Cupach and Willer (2008) concludes that aggressive acts will be used to damage people 's self-esteems and is made worse for people they believe to be “fake”.
Concluding Thoughts
Females find many ways to make sense of their actions in order to continue their aggressive behavior. Amongst the help from the data we’re collecting during our interviews with college-aged females we will hopefully be able to determine why women are aggressive towards other women. Which will hopefully tie together with the existing research on this topic or bring to light things we might have never noticed before.

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