Agents Of Socialization And Social Context Essay

Agents Of Socialization And Social Context Essay

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Agents of socialization are the individuals, groups and institutions that create the social context in which socialization takes place.There has been a couple of agents of socialization that have shaped the way I am. The agents of socialization that have changed me were my family, school, and friends. There were certain people in each category that made a huge impact on my self than others and till this day have affected me on good way. The dedication that these people had with me made me push my self to be a better person.
The first agent of socialization and most important is my family, they have show me values, norms, and beliefs. The main person in my family who helped shape the way I am today was my grandfather. As I grew up he took the place of my father, who divorce my mother and left the country. My grandfather thought me manners, respect and the good from the bad. He was there for me when I need it him and was a great, funny, and clever man. He would always nag at me when I was doing something wrong even if it was something little as in putting my elbows on the table when ...

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