Essay about The Agents And Victims Of Environmental Degradation

Essay about The Agents And Victims Of Environmental Degradation

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Poverty Faming Interlinkages
Globally, women are estimated to constitute the world’s poor people and receive diminutive wages and salaries for their labour. This is attested by Leghorn and Parker (1991) who argue that women’s labour is one-third of the world 's formal labour force and they do four fifths of all informal work, but receive only ten percent of the world 's income and own less than one percent of the world’s possessions. The situation of women described above is termed the “feminization of poverty” in recognition of women 's increasing share of global poverty (Glazebrook, 2011 p.764).
The feminization of poverty espoused by Glazebrook is corroborated by the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) report of 1987, which indicates that, environmental destruction or degradation and poverty reinforce each other; the poor are both the agents and victims of environmental degradation. The feminization of poverty as expounded by Glazebrook and Leghorn above demonstrates the situation of the woman in northeast Ghana. It has been noted by (Yaro, 2007) that, poverty of the peasant is the incapacity of the peasant to feed or provide sustenance for the family all year round, educate or meet the health needs of children, buy inputs for their farm work, live under a strong roof and participate in discussions that have a bearing on their future and generations yet unborn.
The largely peasant nature of the women in northeast Ghana is reflected in their dependence on farming. The rural northeast Ghanaian women engage in peasant forms of farming as their main economic activity with the exclusive responsibility for the daily subsistence needs of their households. Thus, women have become tied down to the daily struggle of...

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... maintain fertility of the lands, continual cultivation leads to degradation and low yields from the farms. Low yields is attributed to the inability of the women to tend their crops properly because of the multiplicity of tasks they perform. Consequently, the women turn to non-farm activities as alternative livelihood sources. These alternative livelihood sources have also been seen to be unsustainable and have not been effective in the desired alleviation of the poverty of these women because of the lack of economic capital and education among these women.
The analysis shows that the state of subsistence farming among women in northeast Ghana leaves much to be desired. There are implications for policy and therefore the need to make recommendations to adequately address the existing state of farming and the sustainable livelihoods of the women of northeast Ghana.

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