The Agenda Setting And Framing Theory Essay

The Agenda Setting And Framing Theory Essay

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Sports content is constantly changing. Whether we analyze content from television, magazines or newspaper it has evolved over the years and continues to do so on a day-to-day basis. Sportscasters set an agenda and frame what topics they will discuss and how they will discuss them ahead of time. This is known as agenda setting and framing. Agenda setting is a conceptual framework that outlines the process by which the media facilitates a premeditated message. Framing is a second part to agenda setting, but instead it perceives how a message has already been constructed. In order to understand how ESPN’s SportsCenter and FOX’s Sports Live content compares we need to understand how agenda setting and framing work.
It can be noted that sportscaster’s agendas and the way information is presented has been shifting over the years. Turner (2014) compared the content of ESPN SportsCenter from 1999 to 2009. He hypothesized that sportscast content had changed in the last 10 years. The focus of his study was to understand the agenda setting theory and framing theory. First, does the content of SportsCenter emphasize certain type of issues, new items, new formats and new characterizes. Second, does SportsCenter set in terms what is considered sports news, what is considered news worthy, and what is considered the appropriate way to package and produce sports information and entertainment. He examined trends in sports news and the use of promotional advertising. His research proved that SportsCenter has changed the arena for agenda setting. They have moved into a more technological era that includes digital graphics and not your regular sports-recap show from the 1990s. They have shifted to what is called a story model instead of an informatio...

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...presents to them what they want the audience to know and this becomes what is important to society.
What individuals understand and know about race and ethnicity has to do a lot with how information is distributed to them. Van Sterkenburg, Knoopers and Leeuw (2010) examined attitudes towards race and ethnicity influenced by the sports media. They hypothesized that the influence of sports media outlets plays a huge role in the attitudes of individuals towards race and ethnicity. Within their research they found a lot of stereotypes. Two of the most common ones deal with things we see everyday in society. First, sports commentators portray racial and ethnic minorities in negative ways and this can be attributed to many factors like being under pressure and speaking unconsciously. Second, this idea that blacks are successful athletes because of their inherent skills.

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