The Agency Of Health Improvement Sbar Fosters A Culture Of Patient Safety

The Agency Of Health Improvement Sbar Fosters A Culture Of Patient Safety

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Clinicians endeavor to see that their handoffs lead to decrease in loss of patient information transfer during transition points, improve quality of information, improved short term outcomes, less complications post transitions, moreover, validation and verification of key factors and transmitted information (Berger, Sten & Stockwell, 2012). According to the Institute of Health Improvement SBAR fosters a culture of patient safety as it is useful for framing any clinical conversation especially critical cases as it is focused on immediate action and sets expectations and next steps. SBAR presents a consistent message every shift which builds partnership, trust and rapport with the patient and family as it is time for a two-way communication and education. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) identifies the critical elements of a comprehensive bedside shift report utilizing SBAR as: introduction of outgoing and incoming clinicians, patient and family; obtain consent from patient to conduct a collaborative handoff that involves patient and family; open electronic health record at the bedside; use SBAR for interactive verbal report; carry out a safety assessment of patient and room; review tasks for next steps; and finally acknowledge patient’s needs and concerns (Ofori-Atta, Binienda & Chalupka, 2015).
Handoffs Electronic Support
Since a large number of hospitals in Canada have adopted the electronic health record over the past ten years, this has allowed better access to more accurate information for handoffs. According to Friesen, White & Byers (2008), electronic health record can generate an ample change of shift electronic report and provide real-time information that can be retrieved on a tablet or a comp...

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...aches to patient safety through the continuum of care. There are several features for the electronic health record that can effectively support the collaborative work of handoffs that we need to take in consideration when utilizing technology for patients’ utmost safety and best care outcomes. Further research can also examine other elements of the bedside change of shift report to determine the most effective implementation methods. There is a need for continuing studies that examine strategies for patients’ involvement and engagement in bedside shift-to-shift report. Additional research is required to explore structures that can link verbal, recorded, written and electronic information to patient care decision making. Electronic up-to-date and real-time patient information can be instrumental in a more comprehensive handoff report that enhances patient safety.

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