Essay about Agency And Inter -partnership Collaboration

Essay about Agency And Inter -partnership Collaboration

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Inter- agency and inter –partnership collaboration is an “essential component of good social work practice” (Thomas, Baron, 2012). It consists of social workers working effectively with other professions in partnership to obtain the best results possible. “The term collaboration conveys the idea of sharing and implies collective action oriented toward a common goal” (D’Amour, 2005). Working with other professionals enables both Social Workers and other professionals to share ideas and beliefs that can enable them to achieve different outcomes. “This type of collaboration has been promoted by policy and legislation since the 1960s but has been given particular prominence by the Labour administration” (SCIE, 2009). However, although inter-agency and inter-partnership collaboration is seen as an important aspect within social work practice, there have been several tragic events within social work due to inefficient and inadequate inter-agency and inter-partnership collaborations. This has been seen in the high profile child protection case of Victoria Climbie, Baby P, Daniel Pelka, Keanu Williams and Hamzah Khan. Social services, The NHS, The Metropolitan Police Service and other professionals involved failed collectively in different areas which resulted to their death. As a result the 1989 White Paper has been modified and modernised to reinforce and promote collaboration. Within the last 40 years, especially since 1997, there have been an increase in legislation and acts that reinforces the concept of inter-professional and inter-agency collaboration for better outcomes. They highlight and recognises that “improved multi-agency and inter-professional working was required if we were to avoid a repeat of the tragic events that chara...

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...d the importance and need for Inter-professional and Inter-agency Collaboration “to reform the system so fewer tragedies happen in the future” (Telegraph, 2009). My personal experience of IPIAC made me see how difficult it can be to collaborate with other professions however, I was also able to see the benefits of IPIAC. IPIAC is a necessity for today society as it promoters a more efficient, service user, self- centred approach. This allows the service user to be the centre within all professions involved, receiving the same and adequate care. Effective inter-agency and inter-partnership collaboration enables social workers to work alongside other professions and is seen as “essential component of good social work practice” (Thomas, Baron, 2012). Inter-professional Education enables students to collaborate with other professionals in peroration for future practice.

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