Ageing Growth And Development As A Lifelong Process Essay

Ageing Growth And Development As A Lifelong Process Essay

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Ageing in society does not always equate to decline, whether it is cognitive or not.The Life course perspective shows that while some do decline in brain functions, mental health and changes in personality. It is not always so, our readings have shown that many elderly or aged continue to thrive, they may also develop new interests and strengths. Normative, nonnormative and life events form the basis of the life course stages. Unlike the simple life cycle, which views aging as a study decline in functions, the life course perspective sees “growth and development as a lifelong process”(Novak, 2012), in other words, we as humans are constantly changing, evolving and adapting to the world we live in. Many studies delve into the aging process, physical, mental and emotional to name a few. These studies have been cross-sectional, longitudinal as well as using cohorts to develop conclusions that will enlighten and enhance the aging process in society.
Researchers have based their studies on the process of aging, the aged and the many facets that affect this group. The following three studies are just a glimpse into the different types of research that has been conducted.
a-Lovell and colleagues (2010) directed an organized study of muscle building exercise. The subjects were healthy men whose ages ranged from 70 to 80 years old. The training consisted of 30-45 minutes of exercise, three times a week for four months. Afterward, there was to be no training for a period of four weeks. There was significant strength and muscle mass, however, after no training the gains in strength were quickly lost.
b- John Wheeler (2003)-studied women who had heart disease and were either age sixty or older. During this study ...

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...acy scores performed better on all measures of cognition…and was consistent across different subgroups of the cohort” ( Barnes, et. al 2003 ) Using diagrams, test scores and linear associations,researchers were able to discern that reading and writing could quite possibly enhance the network of neurons, of which may allow older adults who have a higher level of literacy to have greater cognitive access and be better able to process cognitive data.
It was evident to the researchers that education and or literacy is associated with cognitive function in the well-educated, higher socioeconomic elderly white community.There are many studies in process that can determine if any type of medical, social or educational interventions would be factors in improving the lifetime literacy of older adults which in turn may help to prevent cognitive decline with age.

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