Essay on Age of the Earth: Refuting Skepticism

Essay on Age of the Earth: Refuting Skepticism

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Age of the Earth: Refuting Skepticism
Throughout history, science has always faced challenges from outside groups who work to mold science to their beliefs, ignoring evidence and commonly held facts. Following in the legacy of the flat world and an Earth centered Universe, young Earth creationists bend science to fit their explanations of the Earth’s origin and timeline. Evidence for the ancient age of the Earth is present in every discipline of Earth science and directly refutes claims made by young Earth creationists. It is important to examine these claims and rebut them, as their denial of proper scientific understanding hampers progress and has wider implications for the future of our society.
Understanding Young-Earthers
Young Earth creationists are not the first group to question science based on religious grounds, but they are unique in their twisting of science to fit their objectives. The modern young Earth creationist movement solidified in the early 19th century, and is closely tied to the religious author, Ellen White, who refuted modern science and insisted on a literal interpretation of the Bible, enhanced by prophetic visions she claimed to have experienced (Giberson, 2014). The main tenets of the movement are that: the Bible is literal, Noah’s flood drove the formation of modern geological phenomenon, and that science unfailingly supports their assertions.
While this may seem like a weak foundation for a movement claiming to have scientific underpinnings, Gallup polls of the U.S. have consistently found that around 45% of Americans believe a celestial God created humans in the last 10,000 years. An interesting number considering that when asked to judge specific scientific questions, such as the movement of th...

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