The Age Of Slavery Video Essays

The Age Of Slavery Video Essays

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The Age of Slavery video shows us that slavery was legal in the 13 colonies of USA and each colony had its rule and also how the African American struggled with the slaveholders to get their freedom. They faced several harsh barriers and obstacles in way of revolution for freedom. The first small shine of revolution started by Mum Bett in the Massachusetts. She challenged the new existing slavery at Massachusetts. Mum Bett sued her Master and went to court to ask the Bill of Rights and the new state constitution. She told that if all people were born free and equal, then the laws must apply all races. She won the case and the new constitution brought new changes for the slaves. She started her journey to fight for slave’s freedom and her argument was the first principle of African American revolution in the Massachusetts. Mum Bett victory affect cross the USA nation even charismatic religious leaders stand up and accompanied her. They said that all human beings are equal as God says “All the races are equal in eye of God”. Because they had good influences among the society, so they ...

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