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The Age Of Reason, Or Better Essay

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The Age of Reason, or better known as the time period of America’s Enlightenment, was a time period during the 1700s where many things changed in America, forming the foundations the commencement of a society in which people were able to be free, where minds expanded and accepted the views and the lifestyles of those that differed from one 's own. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Olaudah Equiano are writers of the eighteenth century in which the reflection of the Age of Reason is most apparent. Each man exemplifies a different part of the enlightenment. In “Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America,” Franklin writes of the differences between the Native American culture in comparison to the ideas and ways that the American culture lives. Benjamin Franklin was one of the first discover many things – and nonetheless, he was on to something when he compares the two cultures and the idea of being a civilized society. Thomas Jefferson, a man that is commonly known as a founding father, was just that – a founding father. Thomas Jefferson wrote the one document, “The Declaration of Independence,” that gave America its’ independence; men and women of America could know be free, which allowed individuals to start thinking beyond just his or her own ideas. In contrast to both of these men, an African American writer known as Olaudah Equiano had something else to offer with his writers during the Age of Reason, in his narrative “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavas Vassa, the African, Written by Himself,” Equiano tells the story of him being a self-made man, something the other two writers cannot say due to the fact that both men were wealthy, whereas the only life Equiano knew was the life of ...

... middle of paper ... to get him to sign it, that I might be fully released. Accordingly he signed the manumission that day; so that, before night, I, who have been a slave in the morning, trembling at the will of another, was become my own master, and completely free. I thought this was the happiest day I had ever experienced” (Equiano 386).
Though each writer, Franklin, Jefferson, and Equiano had different viewpoints and individual things that affected what each man did during the Age of Reason, the literature written by these writers has reflected the enlightenment. Franklin helped open and expand minds, Jefferson made “The Declaration of Independence,” which made America an independent nation, and Equiano, an African American slave, gained his freedom. The Age of Reason did more than just make Americans gain knowledge, it gave America its’ acceptance of individuality and freedom.

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