Age Of Reason By Thomas Paine Essay

Age Of Reason By Thomas Paine Essay

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Age of Reason Essay
The Age of Reason is a book of logical approach to the Old and New Testament in witch Thomas Paine discovers obvious gaps in the Bible. He doesn 't approve any major religion due to a political involvement of them and acquiring power over general public and society. Nonetheless in his book he confirms that he does have faith in God, however, solitary in his mind. Also Pain support morality for which, Bible serves as a vessel. He believes in equality, justice, afterlife and he believes that the church should help all creatures to be blissful as well. Furthermore Pain states that he believes only in one god and no more. The author approaches God with rationality and logic and he doesn 't believe that almighty being could have left such puzzling pastoral as Bible and as well, such complex and flawed system of beliefs, churches and religions such, we have in the present day, although, he mentions that he admire Jesus Christ for his morale and for the man he was.
Thomas Pain point out many empirical fabrications in Old and New Testament such as revelation of the Bible, which claimed to be directly from God to people and should not include median measure such as Bible. Nevertheless, most of national churches and regions established direct connection with God, though in fact they have a mediocre such as Bible, Koran, etc. They consist collaborative writing of different authors and could not be counted as a words of God because there could not be direct translation from superior creature. Other major falsifications involve Jesus and fact that he could not be son of God and all anecdotes about him could be falsified. Thomas Paine mentions that’s Jesus Christ haven’t mentioned his parentage. In addition historians that w...

... middle of paper ... sort of Supreme Being to keep this order. For the reason that gravitation theory was not majorly expanded in space as it was impossible to do that with technology of the past. However, despite his nescience of modern astrophysics he was astonishingly close to nowadays. He even predicted discover of new worlds and other being like us. This is the only thing that Thomas Pain had struggled with and the part where I am slightly disagrees with him. Even so I am not fully familiar with the Bible and knew little about it Pain described every detail of it. He analyzed the testaments with empirical approach and strict logic. Yet he did believe in God. I was stunned when he described that religion is just another scheme of political power and how it control society through faith and confusion. Even by modern understanding of religion his philosophies are quiet up-to-date.

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