The Age Of My Oldest Sister Essay

The Age Of My Oldest Sister Essay

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Composition: (who is considered family, who lived in the household, etc.)
The composition of my family unit growing up was two older sisters and three older brothers and I am the baby of the family out of six children. Of course, my parents and the family dog a dachshund named Snoopy was also the family as well we never had many animals and when the dog got hurt and got put to sleep we never got another dog. The difference in age between my sisters and I are 16 and 15 years apart and they got married and started families of their own and the age difference between me and my oldest niece is only four years apart. In addition, my oldest sister played more of a mother role than a sister and my nieces and nephews were more like brothers and sisters growing up because they were closer in age.
The age of my oldest sister is 69 Barb and she lives in Kentucky, next is Bev 68, then my oldest brother Don is 63 and my brother Jim is 59 and he lives in Florida, my brother John is 57, and I am 53. The family composition is we are rather close because four of us live near each other, however, at the current time my oldest brother has brain cancer and he has been difficult for all of us because we are all getting older and have not had parents for a long time and we have been close as a family unit because of having each other to rely on. Of course, it has been even harder for me because my oldest brother lost his wife to diabetes in 2010 and I lost my husband in 2008 and my brother and I went through a lot together, however, he did get remarried again and this has been difficult for his new wife and my brother’s adult children because they had already lost their mother.
The composition of the family changed as each person left home an...

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...eel that is where some of my best qualities come from, however, my mom had a drinking problem and so did my father and they were mean and different people when they were drinking and they always got into fights.
Your neighborhood:
The neighborhood that I grew up in was in Portage, Indiana and it was all white and mostly middle class, however, as a young child all of us in the neighborhood were close in age and as a result most of the friends that I grew up with are still my friends today. Of course, now the place has grown in population and the city has changed because of all the stores that have been built and development and the city of Portage is quite diverse in that is no longer just white and many different people live and work in this area compared to the 70’s and 80’s.
Growing up in this area was for the most part a good experience, however, I feel that a

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