The Age Of Federalism Written By Two Highly Skilled Historians Essay

The Age Of Federalism Written By Two Highly Skilled Historians Essay

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The Age of Federalism written by two highly skilled historians Stanley Elkins and Eric Mckitrick describes how the country advance from just an idea to a working republic. In different ways, this story is about the evolution of two party system. It is surprising how the political organizations quickly became an integral party of a democratic system, but they did this regardless of warnings against political factions by American leaders who was afraid for the diverse impact it may have on the emerging republic. This book was written in order to give an analytical survey of the nation’s crucial decade under the constitution. This book provides a historical account of political, military, economic, cultural and diplomatic problems that faced the new nation. These issues are examined in the book from different point of views. The authors conducted a well-organized research using hundreds of sources such as, government documents, US documents, statesman’s papers, doctoral dissertations and newspaper articles. This book attempts to explore the great figures that played a major role in shaping this remarkable era. The authors did this in order to know them better and accurately interpret their behaviors. The book reveals Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison and Adams to be more complex, spirited and contradictory more than other traditional historical accounts. Among all the principle actors in the 1790s, George Washington remains a very impressive shadow— a wise and fair leader in war and peace. The book made us to understand how George Washington prudent character and almost universal praise served bestow legitimacy on the new republic. The comprehensive outline of this book follows the development of political factions. The authors devoted th...

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...authors left no stone unturned, they also used unpublished manuscript as one of their primary sources.
I must admit it was tough going--not a broad history but a very narrow detailed one--as it covers in great detail the political life of only 12 years of time in the early Republic. One of the most interesting things for me in reading it was the authors ' critical view of some of the Founding Fathers--men who are more often than not subjects of hagiographic readings of their lives. They really dislike Jefferson and think Adams ridiculous. I was continuously impressed by the amazing quality of the writing and the fact that the information imparted was incredibly interesting. I truly enjoyed reading this book. I recommend this book not only to students of early America but those interested in all the areas of politics--the compromises, the power plays, and the feuds.

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