The Age of Exploration Brought Many Changes to the World Essays

The Age of Exploration Brought Many Changes to the World Essays

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Many people would be surprised that the things they associate with certain countries are not native to those lands. Sugar was not originally grown in the Caribbean and cows are not indigenous to the United States. Before the Age of Exploration, a period lasting for centuries with long-extending effects, Europeans had not truly begun to explore Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Even with the fearless adventures of the Vikings, Polynesians, and Ming Chinese, no extreme, lasting difference was created. Once people began exploring outside of their own worlds, great social, political, and economic change was ushered in with the exchange and alteration of people, plants, animals, technology, diseases, religion, and political systems.
To begin with, the Age of Exploration dealt with the revising of people and how they lived their life, featuring forms of forced labor and mutations of cultural identity. In North America, compulsory labor often came in the form of indentured servitude, where a European would be given passage to the New World in exchange for a specific time period of labor before they were set free. However, people in the English colonies soon decided that lifetime slaves from Africa were a better investment than short term servants and the slave population grew substantially, a situation which would in time lead to great conflict within the United States. Indentured servitude in the West Indies started off strong, but land prices were driven so high that they could no longer afford to buy land once free; sugar plantation owners decided they would rather buy slaves than increase wages to attract European laborers. African slavery in Europe was truly a commodity when the Portuguese first began their explorations. Raiding ...

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...mon domesticated animals such as cattle, pigs, horses, and sheep were introduced into the unsuspecting environment. Although these animals totally altered the diet and lifestyle of many people indigenous to the region, not all change was positive. The settlers allowed their animals to run wild, eating the land in which the native people were growing crops and thus leading to a mass famine and starvation in several places newly settled. The animals, with no natural predators in the areas, would multiply their populations rapidly and continue to take over the fragile ecological situation. In addition to this unfortunate occurrence, domesticated animals are credited with the spread of the epidemics that struck down a huge majority of the Native Americans. The Europeans over time had grown immune or at least less susceptible to the germs and diseases that came with the

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