The Age Of African American People Throughout The Late 1800 ' S Essay examples

The Age Of African American People Throughout The Late 1800 ' S Essay examples

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Throwing back on this course, I have learned a lot than I expected before taking this course. As for an international student like me, it was whole new experience and diverse knowledge to learn. Before taking this course, I thought I would only study the literature and the lives famous authors. However, I learned more than I expected, I acknowledged the lives of African-American people throughout the late 1800’s to 2000. At my first thought, I felt that I would not study much because it was an online course and I have not taken the online course before. I have never expected to learn independently through the technology, but using the voice thread every week made me read the and understand the concept more in detail. I would also say that this class was fascinating learning the life of African American people from different creatures from proficient authors, which they described various conditions of the black people, but those writers had same desire.
In my opinion, there were many at features about Black people during the 20’s and 21’s century. They really wanted to assimilate racially in the society and they went through enormous of obstacles and discrimination. In addition, they were deprived from major activities, that an ordinary person could do. For example, a simple African American person could not go to library to study and it was really hard to get a stable job for him or her. While I was reading the novels such as Intuitionist, I felt that black people are patient and tolerant because they tolerated even unbearable prejudice and inequity, such as gender inequality, social and economic corruption. One of my favorite stories was a short story, Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man by James Johnson. James Johnson...

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...ican American people. Literature was the core tool to express the voices behalf of black community. Therefore, the authors influenced profoundly to the society of the United States. Prolific authors such as Amiri Baraka, Charles Chestnut and Washington T. Booker, expressed different view points but they wanted same outcome. Their novels, poems and stories described not only the lives of black people but also showed the all downsides and odds of politics and the society, making them spot their true colors and giving the opportunity to change. All these novels truly broadened horizon and changed my mind towards the society and African American culture. It was a pleasure to share the opinions from readings through the voice threads and through different technologies. On account of these electronic approaches, it made easy to study and unforgettable for rest of my life.

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