Age 0-20 : Erick Emery Jensen Jr. Essay

Age 0-20 : Erick Emery Jensen Jr. Essay

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Age 0-20: Erick Emery Jensen Jr. was born in Twenty-Nine Palms, Ca to Lori Annette Tubbs and Erick Emery Jensen Sr on July 26th 1984. Ericks father was a United States Marine and his mother was in the United States Navy. Shortly as he was born his father decided to leave the Marine Corps and take a government job and his mother would stay in the Navy. In 1985 Erick moved to Yokosuka Kanagawa, Japan when his mother received orders to serve there as a Corpsman. Erick and his family stayed on base at an apartment building on base for the first two years while his father and mother became accustomed to Japan. In 1987 Erick brother Joe was born and the family moved into a house off base. The house was typical Japanese architecture with wood floors and paper walls. Erick made a lot of friends and learned a little about a new culture at a young age and overall enjoyed his time in Japan.
After spending over three years in Japan Ericks family moved back to Davis, CA. Ericks fathers was originally from Davis and his family all still lived there. Things were great for a bit until Ericks mother wanted to be closer with her family in St. louis, MO. Reluctantly Ericks father agreed to move to Missouri with his mother. The family moved in with Ericks mother in Manchester, MO. Lories father was a former Marine who now worked at Mallinckrodt working in a chemicals division while her mother was a hair salon owner. Erick father soon bought house in Ballwin, MO. Erick would attend K-3 in the Parkway School district until his parents got divorced.
After his parents divorced his brother and him moved in with their mother since their father had decided to remarry Satan. Erick and his brother would move over ten times in the coming years until they...

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...e golden retrievers swimming in the ocean in front of the house. Life is great for Erick and Ruby; they have plans to retire at 55 and travel the world and enjoy their freedom.
Age 60-End: Erick and Ruby now live in Singapore where they still frequently travel all over Europe. Erick and Ruby own a craft beer bar that caters American and European travelers as well as military ships that come into port. Erick runs a very successful business for twenty years and then moves back to San Diego, Ca to enjoy the rest of his time. Erick has overall lived a good life with only a few hardships of deaths in the family and a few times of financial struggle. Overall he lived a very exciting life and did everything he ever wanted to. He will be known as a man of compassion and treating everyone with respect. Erick was active in charities for veteran and golden retriever rescues.

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