Age and Gender Discrimination: A Case Study Essay

Age and Gender Discrimination: A Case Study Essay

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1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - not yet lengkap – overall summary of our research
Our group research is based on age and gender discrimination in the workplace which involved study in men and women, also level of age between 18 years old until 30 years old and 31 years old and above years old. We have conducted a survey based on questionnaires which were given to 20 respondents with ratio; 10:10 of male and female; 10:10 of level of age between 18 years old until 30 years old and 31 years old and above years old; who are currently employed. Through the research that we have done, we conclude that some of the respondents have experienced age and gender discrimination.
Our topics on age and gender discrimination are not only targeting respondents that experienced these types of discrimination, but we are also targeting those who are currently employed. We selected qualifications, recognition, salaries and experiences to examines age discrimination. Meanwhile, for gender discrimination, we selected research on job description and employment, promotions, income and pregnancy.
The result of our research shows that age and gender discrimination does exist in the workplace. There are
A brief explanation has been explained through the end of this topic. Besides that, we also investigated theories connected to our topic whether these theories fit or not to our findings.
2.0 INTRODUCTION: What are Gender and Age Discrimination?
Gender discrimination is treating individuals in a different way in their employment because of their sex. Person who have been experiencing this kind of discrimination may have been rejected for employment. Employer who provides different working conditions such as salaries, positions or bonus to women and men are ...

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...efer Appendix). This is because employers’ perception that assumes women need to take care of their children and most probably cannot focus on their job task. While, regarding statement number 16 (Refer Appendix), 100% of them agreed to that statement because of governments’ regulation that granted women with three-month maternity leave. Lastly, for statement number 14 (Refer Appendix) 70% of female respondents disagreed because it is an unethical manner to give different salary because of their gender.

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