Against School And Degrading By John Gatto And Alfie Kohn Essay

Against School And Degrading By John Gatto And Alfie Kohn Essay

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Against School and Degrading To De-Grading

Within the walls of our educational system lie many adverse problems. Is there a solution to such problems? If so, what is the solution? As we take a look at two different essays by two different authors’ John Gatto and Alfie Kohn, both highlight what’s wrong within our educational system in today’s society. As John Gatto explores the concept if schools are really as necessary as they’re made out to be; Alfie Kohn analyzes the non-importance of letter grades within our schools. Although both essays are fairly different, they still pose some similarities in relation to the educational system in today’s society.

It’s no surprise that there are faults within our schools in today’s society. As both authors’ point out if our educational system is actually helping our kids or doing more damage than good? As author John Gatto explains, kids are becoming more and more bored. Students are not interested in what is being taught because they often feel the work is stupid, makes no sense, and they already know it (p. 300). Gatto also points out that it’s not just the kids that are bored but the teachers as well. Teachers tend to blame the kids for their boredom, as they described them as being rude and only interested in grades, if that (p.300); which leads to the question “Do we really need school?” (p. 301) Looking at Alfie Kohns essay, he analyzes the concept of what good letter grades are really doing to our students. As Kohn points out “The real problem is that almost all kids will come to focus on grades and, as a result, their learning will be hurt”. (p.292)

John Gatto explains how the public education system causes students to lack the ability to deal with issues that go on in...

... middle of paper ...

...uts more of a focus on having the highest grades and GPA, causing students to stress over making an A rather than a B or C, fearing that they may be turned down from a school.

In conclusion, both essays give an insight into the negative effects our students are facing in today’s schooling. And while one focuses on the effects of grades, the other focuses on the lack of interest our students, and even teachers are having within our schooling. I believe that students need more than just a school system that tells teachers what to teach. I also believe it is important to have a scale to evaluate the quality of work being done by our students. Overall, it is still important that students understand why they are learning things, see their mistakes, and comprehend what they are doing; at the same time they need to receive this information in a constructive manner.

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