Against Animal Testing

Against Animal Testing

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For decades humans have taken defenseless and innocent wild animals to
foully abuse and test their experiments upon. They test powerful drugs
and lotions upon the animals and record and write down the at times
fatal side effects only to repeat the experiment again and again-
regardless of the creatures' pain or suffering. In one experiment by
the Proctor and Gamble company, scientists got hold of a batch of
newly born baby mice and cut their toes off to test their theories
upon. They were later help up in court for this matter- though
disgustingly were let off.

You may think that the pure terror on the faces of these animals alone would be enough to change peoples mind of whether it is right or wrong to test upon
animals less fortunate they we. Is not the innocent look of fear upon
the victims face enough to sicken and revolt you?

But no, always it is 'for the good of us and the development of the
modern world' have you ever heard- ' for the good of the animal
kingdom'? I thought not. But that is all we are and ever will be.

Whatever you may think our ancestors were primates, which climbed the
trees and still do today. Agreed our IQ and brain is much more
developed as is our features but without, we are same as those we lock
up in wire cages to be stared and prodded at in Zoo's- the same as
those creatures which we test our medicines and cosmetics upon- the
same as the wretched creature above- bewildered and hurt wondering why
its life is being tortured so and for what. Helpless creatures in our
hands and instead or calming and loving them- we crush and break them.

It is not as if we have need of the results gained by animal testing.
Are there not enough types of shampoo already and body lotions to
satisfy the world's needful demands? Or are the shampoos not good
enough for our precious whims- are they not conditioned enough for our
delicate hair? Is the washing up liquid not making the crystal glasses
shiny enough?

Now we have moved on to this subject, did I tell you how they check if
their washing up liquid is poisonous or not? No- well you can bet your
new classic clean Head and Shoulders on the fact that it wasn't humans they tested it on. Oh no.

To check to see whether their new washing up liquid is safe enough and
good enough for human use, the caring doting and loving scientists
place fish into quantities of the mixture and record what happens to

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the fish.

If lucky the fish will not die due to its experiment and will live on
to test the next and the scientists will be nicely pleased and do the
experiment another couple of times with other fishes to see whether
the results are the same. However if unlucky and the fish suffers any
unusual side effects - like dying for instance the fish will be able
to look forward to a ceremonial grave in a black bag with many other
unfortunate victims.

In many labs, animals are not even given the chance to live. They
spend their unnaturally short lives in the confinements of a concret
or wire cage. Many have not even had the breath of the wind in their
face- or the glare of the sun in their eyes or the feel of grass
tickling their toes as they run.

Can you imagine a 1m by 1m cage to live in? A bowl of water strewn
carelessly to one side and a bowl of dried pet food lurking in a
corner. Sometimes animals don't even have bedding to comfort them and
are kept in dank hovels with the cold hard floor as company.

Permission is granted to feel slightly nauseated with these
wonderfully eye opening view of the world hidden behind the Tesco and
Boots shelves.

How can people act in such ways to these creatures who have done
nothing to us but feed us, give us companions and keep us alive.

We tear apart their fragile trust and from within break up mind, body
and soul simply to find cures and pampering equipment to satisfy us.
Not the world just us. We steal the milk from cows, which by rights
should have gone to their babies to help them and give it instead to
our own greedy guzzling guts. We take eggs from nesting mothers for
our daily breakfasts and food. We take their fur, skins and wool and
use them to keep our selves warm and happy. We rare them for their
meat- That nice juicy bit of steak you have just swallowed down with
your gravy and mashed potatoes- did you ever think that once that dead
lump of meat was once part of a breathing, feeling innocent animal- a
brother or a sister- a mother or a father?

Do we perhaps suppose them to have no feelings- maybe we think because
their intellect is lower then ours- that they would not feel as we do?
When a member of our family dies we feel do we not? Then why should
not they. We are nothing more then them. We die just as they do and we
are born just as they.

Why should they suffer to fill our needs. We are all God's creatures
are we not? So why don't we try to act like it.
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