The After The Last Ice Age Ended Essay

The After The Last Ice Age Ended Essay

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Before the last ice age ended, which was around 18,000 years ago, hunting and gathering (also known as foraging) was the agriculture that was practiced. Hunting and gathering societies that relied primarily on hunting wild animals, fishing, and gathering wild plants to support their diet. This particular practice kept the population at a rather stagnant level, at around a .0085% growth per year due to a lack of game and plants. As the Ice age came to an end, the new age of long summers allowed human numbers, plant varieties, and animal populations to flourish. They (EXPLAIN WHO THEY IS) also became available because of newly exposed land mass. The new found abundance of animals and plants encouraged the hunters and gathers to better their agriculture. The newly grown agriculture shot the human population to 3 to 8.5 million, at a growth of .15 per year. New hunting techniques were developed such as tracking, trapping, and with the new arrival of catchable fish, fishing was also developed. The end of the ice age created a new abundance of plants which interned increased the animal population and allowed people to travel less. Staying in one place reduced miscarriages. But with the increase of children, women were forced to wean their children earlier. The gathers (the women) created a new technique by gathering the seeds from plants before they became spread out so they could plant them. With all the advances that were made and population increase will/would lead into a new age.

Category #2: Female Fertility

Agriculture has always had a hold on female fertility since the beginning. During the hunting and gathering era, nomad women suffered 50% miscarriages. Women would generally have one baby every four years. With women sta...

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...technique was good for only 2 consecutive years on the same patch of soil, then soil then lost its fertility. This would eventually lead man to come up with even more elaborate ways to cultivate these ever increasing demands of omegas. In such ways as creating new tools and making the development of permanent fields.

The last ice age kept the human population at a standstill due to the lack of stability in living and lack of food available. But with the end of the ice age, it created a chance for humans to grow and thrive. Humans were able to pioneer cultivation, which grew its population with the new found long summers. While today cultivation is more advanced as it is able to gluttony feed many more mouths. Though the father of modern cultivation will always be the first little seeds harvested from tedious observation and planted in the soil in a new long summer.

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