Essay on After The Establishment Of New China

Essay on After The Establishment Of New China

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After the establishment of new China. A plan for the development of national economy, industry, science technology, and education was put into effect.
It was also part of the plan for national economy in China. Since 1953, The party adjusts this plan due to the variables in different fields in the nation every five years, so this act was known as the “five-year plan”.
Great Leap Forward movement refers to a nationwide movement that the communist party of China carried out between 1958 and 1960. The ignorance the objective economic law, the pursuit of high speed production, and the goal to reach high industrial and agricultural production performance led to a serious imbalance between the proportion of the national economy and caused serious economic difficulties. A lot of people suspected Mao 's political motivation and decision after the failure of Great Leap Forward. However, Mao concluded that these people were affected by the capitalist form which led to the Cultural Revolution.
In 1966, as China began to implement the third “five-year plan” but failed to achieve the basic adjustment of the national economy because of the Great Leap Forward Act. A critical movement gradually developed into a political movement against the party 's leadership. It was actually called the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution", which refers to the political movement at the Plenum of the Communist Central Committee in China. It was initiated and led by Mao Zedong on May, 1966. Mao’s original intention was to prevent the restoration of capitalism, maintain the party 's purity, seek the road of building socialism on China’s own and punish party officials and any other persons who showed bourgeois tendencies. Moreover, Mao knew that other ...

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...ple’s congresses and political organizations were paralyzed for a long time. The branches of public security, pro-curatorial and judicial failed to maintain social order. So the whole nation was messed up. A outrageously big amount of people were killed, died in chaos or committed suicide.
This evolution was a political and economical struggle. Mao urged the creation of corps of "Red Guards" by using the blind worship to leader from the students. This made the social government anarchistic and put the nation in a stagnation and decline situation. On October, 1976, CPC Central Committee Political Bureau finally took decisive actions, ended the Ten-year Turmoil by crushing the counter-revolutionary group. Finally, the hope for a better life in China is being established, as many homes and families put the past behind them, as they head out towards a better future.

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