Essay about After School Jobs and Time Management

Essay about After School Jobs and Time Management

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Did you know that more than half of the United States twelfth graders average twenty or more hours of work per week? Some people say that these after school jobs are beneficial because they give students a sense of responsibility, independence, and time management. As these are all great things to practice, in preparation for "real life". However, they can cut into essential schoolwork, family, and personal time. Minor inconveniences such as missing a loved one’s birthday for work can cause great uproar within a family, and working too much can have a negative effect on a student's academic standing.
An after school job can cut into schoolwork, which is bad news for anyone. Schoolwork is obviously high up on the list of priorities, and is often neglected in the long run. An after school job can complicate your natural regimen by leaving you with less time to study and complete assignments. As everyone knows, in order to get a decent paying job later in life, finishing high school and some form of college is essential. A report conducted by the Institute of medicine and the National ...

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