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Afro-American Music Essay

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In Cornell West reading on Afro-American Music: From Bebop to Rap; West discussed three major points about Afro-American music. West also discuss on how Afro-American music alienated young people. Afro-American music, its rhythmic effects are meaningless with status quo according to West. Afro-American music is a reflection on Afro-American culture since the early times as slavery.
According to West “First, the rise of the United States as a world power focused international attention more pointedly on native U.S. cultural forms and styles.” As the Untied States grew in power, so did Afro-American music came to be with a social freedom and linguistic wealth instead of pecuniary wealth. Example, Jazz with its melody and vocalization shown frustrated aspirations and aggressive emotions of Afro-Americans. West agreement is Jazz grew to a socioeconomic and political contexts as a style of “cool” of the early 1950 by artists as Chet Baker and David Brubeck. West agrees as Jazz paved the way for various type of music today. Afro-American music became distort over time.
Second point We...

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