African Victims Of The Holocaust Essay

African Victims Of The Holocaust Essay

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African victims of the Holocaust
Racism has been prevenient all throughout history. The Nazi party was obsessed with racial purity as well as with eugenics. Francis Galton brought about eugenics in 1883; he believed that through a specific selection of parents he could hinder the perfect race. Hitler 's efforts during the Holocaust to achieve a ‘Master Race ' caused millions of lives to end. The Holocaust was the systematical annihilation of millions, mostly focused on destroying all of the Jewish population all across Europe. Though Hitler 's focus to eliminate the thought of inferior Jews, he also detested Blacks. From the years 1933-1945, there was 20,000 to 24,000 Africans in Germany. Africans who fought in the Rhineland region who married German women were called "Rhineland Bastards." The outcomes of the Africans in Nazi Germany ranged from isolation, sterilization, medical experimentation, and incarceration all the way to euthanasia.
"The Jews had brought the Negroes into the Rhineland with the clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily-resulting bastardization." (Mein Kampf, 1925) The German society acknowledged mixed children as "Rhineland Bastards." They were viewed to be a threat to Germany 's purity. Mulatto children who lived in German society were isolated both in social and economical ways. Racism ran rapidly in Nazi Germany with propaganda depicting black soldiers of being rapists of German women as well as carriers of venereal and other diseases. Africans as well as their children were not allowed to go to college and were prohibited from seeking most jobs, such as military personnel.
Hitler was greatly influenced by the 19th-century works of Ernst Haeckel who was a German zoologist....

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...dmit their children with disabilities into hospitals, where they were soon murdered by starvation or overdosed with lethal drugs. The third wave was the Non- German minorities. Many blacks did not escape this program and those who did they were victims of sterilization.
Due to Hitler 's obsession with racial purity, in search for a way to achieve the Master race he destroyed and changed millions of lives. Systematically he came close to his plans for annihilating all aspects of other minorities. The nightmarish fate of the Africans in Nazi Germany came to several outcomes. Isolation, sterilization, medical experimentation, as well as incarceration, and euthanasia were the different paths many Africans were forced to take. Though there are many accounts of survival, the victims of the mass sterilization programs were doomed to be stuck with Hitler 's plan forever

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