African Religions, Christianity, And The Islamic Religion Essay

African Religions, Christianity, And The Islamic Religion Essay

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Mbiti observed in 1969 that Africa people are “notoriously religious” consciously or unconsciously, and is still true of a large majority of people, urban or rural, educated or less educated (Moyo 2013). No matter the time or what decade it is, religion will still dominate the world and especially Africa. Over the years’ religions from all over the world have formed and people from all over the world have taken up and practiced those religions, making some religions well known while others most people still don’t know about it. The main religions I wanted to highlight was the traditional African religions, Christianity, and the Islamic religion. I put African traditional religions in one category because they all seem to follow the same common practices in their religion that makes them alike. Some of the common practices they all believe in is their belief in a supreme being, belief in spirits/divinities, belief in after death, religious personnel and sacred places, and the belief in witchcraft and magic.
In Nigeria, their supreme being is what most religions in the world have in common which is god. The only difference is that people usually have different names catering to their community and religion. But one thing that does set these religions apart is that traditional African religions believe in spirits/divinities, in Nigeria the Yoruba believed in many divinities called Orisha. Everyone has a different idea on what happens after death especially traditional African religions, some of their ideas are reincarnation; there’s different levels of reincarnation, some believe that when people die they can be born into the body of an animal depending on the way they chose to live their life, others believed that when a person die...

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...on in West Africa. The missionaries felt that education was an importance for the Africans to truly understand the Christian values and beliefs, without them knowing how to read they wouldn’t be able to read the bible and continue to pass along the message. Nigeria is divided into two sections; the north is where most people practice the Islam religion and the south is where most of them practice Christianity. In an article, it describes Nigeria as home to some of the world’s most vicious scenes of religious conflict. Boko Haram (roughly translated as “Western education is forbidden”), an Islamist movement that seeks to impose Sharia law throughout Nigeria, has claimed responsibility for a spate of attacks on Christian churches in recent years. Over the years from independence to now it has been a struggle between both the Christian religion and the Islam religion.

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