African People From The United States Essay

African People From The United States Essay

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However, outside of the U.S. people from the U.S. identify themselves as Americans or once the inheritance of the country they 're in or the other people there hear us speak they will identify us as Americans. The point I was making, as a side note, was that just as some Blacks here don 't like the term African America and want to be affiliated with any other race but Africans, it 's obvious Egyptians avoid that indigenous Black African affiliation.
The point I was making when I stated “But they do not look like the indigenous Black Africans and the Egyptians do not refer to themselves as Africans. “ was that non-Egyptians, and outsiders of Egypt, talk about Egyptians differently than Egyptians talk about themselves. Egyptians never refer to themselves as Africans, of course they are aware Egypt is in Africa, and the reason it matters is that they intentionally distant themselves from being confused with indigenous Black Africans.
This is not anything I have created in a vacuum for my own sinister reasons. It 's a trend I 've notice about Egypt and Egyptians depending on the origin of the person telling the story. This trend is not hidden all that 's necessary is to pay attention to who is telling the story an Egyptian or non-Egyptians.
Let me also add this is not my opinion this is a fact. The only time Egyptians are lumped in with the indigenous Black African, as if they are all one people, is by outsiders non-Egyptians, never by Egyptians themselves. You can read and realize this trend for yourself just as I have.

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...he Chinese as the largest race of people on the planet and the Chinese are fast approaching to become the largest and the wealthiest economy on the planet. Chinese must think, if they think of Black people at all, what pathetic people Black people are to be second to us in population but no where close to us as a productive and industrialize people with their own wealth economy equivalent to ours.

What doesn 't make sense is Blacks are in a constant discussion and argument about Jesus, religion, what color were the people that designed and supervised the construction of the Pyramids, created an alphabet, made paper, an advance society, etc., all ancient stuff. We are never giving that same amount of time, intensity and focus on our responsibilities for what 's necessary to become autonomy as a Black people in the future. Just think because we don 't we won 't.

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