The African Of African Africa Essay

The African Of African Africa Essay

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The African Continent has a storied past that has intrigued many for generations. Africa had mostly always been a continent of ethnic or tribal culture. Africa’s history had often been passed down through the spoken word of storytellers for generations. This led many 18th and 19th Century historians to believe that Africa had no real history and that the way things were then are the way they had always been for millennia. Often times a western education creates a bias as to what can be regarded as a trusted and accurate source of information. In order to meet that criteria most often written accounts and chronological records were expected. There for the assumption often was that Africa and Africans were a wild and untamed place and people, even savages perhaps.

Africa’s classic limits were initially penetrated by Islamic influence from the north early in the 17th century. The Arab s where able to overtake all African territories north of the Sahara Desert and as far east as Morocco. Now before this a few organized states that were highly civilized existed on the continent. To mention a few like Ghana that was founded somewhere around 300 A.D. Ghana was known for military prowess along with the gold trade with a highly centralized capital. Not long after came the state of Mali and Songhay both major trade centers with the Arab north. These two flourished around the 14th and 15th centuries and greatly contributed to African history.

During the 19th Century the English, Ottomans, French, Spanish and Portuguese began to ingress nearly on all fronts of Africa. The French pushed in Algeria and Senegal. The British did in South Africa, Gambia and Sierra Leone. The Ottomans were known for acceptance of various ethnicit...

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... At a minimum of 28 Sub-Saharan African states have been engaged in war since the year 1980. Political corruption the lack of legislation and law including human rights violations are the fundamental reasons heard for the causes of Africa’s problems. Although, not the only reasons, some often overlooked root causes also include the following. Africa ended up bringing together many different ethnic people into nations that did not respect, the need to accommodate or provide for cultural and ethnic diversity. The independence from imperial power wasn’t, and still, isn’t a smooth transaction. The natural struggle to rebuild Africa has been difficult and will continue to be.

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