African Innsurrections on Board Slave Ships Essay

African Innsurrections on Board Slave Ships Essay

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4th January 1610
Today, will be a day I will never forget. The day started off as usual, I helped my father in the fields while mom prepared a bag for me to carry with me to the other side of town. I was going to spend some time with my relatives who lived not far from where my family and I lived. It had been the custom for me to visit since my uncle died three months ago and left my aunt and two little cousins. My cousins and I were playing through the woods as we would normally do every day before going to the river to take a bath. After playing, we were heading to the river to take our bath when we stumbled upon a group of men who accused us of stealing from the chief of the village. We denied the accusations and turned in the opposite direction to run away, but they captured us and placed us in chains and shackles. We were kidnapped and taken away to a place where there were other Negroes who were accused of stealing being held captive.
11th January 1610
It has been a few days now and the Negroes that captured us had brought more men into the dungeon where we were being kept. They even captured women and children. When it seemed as though they had enough of us they placed chains through the shackles and arranged us one behind the other and made us walk for what seemed like months. We had little food and water on the journey and they never spoke much to us about anything or about where we were going. At one point in time I gave up trying to count the days that I had been away from home, my only comfort was that my cousins were with me at the time so I was not alone. One day I overheard one of the men guarding us saying to another one of his kind that it was just a few days again before we reached the vessel o...

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...mory of the black men that we lost along the way. Those we lost due to diseases, suicides and starvation. As I drifted off to sleep lying on the deck of the vessel, the stars shining down on me, I thought about my parents, my siblings and other relatives that I was going to see again. I called out to my cousins who were next to me and said “I am free no, we are free” and I drifted off to Africa.

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