African Historian And Journalist, Carter G. Woodson Essay

African Historian And Journalist, Carter G. Woodson Essay

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Black history did not always have the pleasure of having a month dedicated to it; it used to be restricted to a single week, called “Negro Week,” to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass (Adetoro). African historian and journalist, Carter G. Woodson, began this week in 1926, in an attempt to inform others of the accomplishments as well as the devastations African Americans had experienced (Bambrick). Woodson’s timing was crucial; he initiated this week in a time where blacks and whites were separate and seen as indifferent. It was not until 1976 that President Ford graciously expanded it to a month (PBS). Black History Month is a time for celebration and remembrance -- or so America tells us. Black History Month falls in the month of February for the United States, a.k.a. the shortest month of the year. Black history is American history and should not be limited to a single month; not only does this divide the American people, it marginalizes the African American race.
Limiting any kind of history to a certain period of time is offensive and does not give the people the justice they deserve. Actor Morgan Freeman has also voiced his opposition to the idea of a special month for black history. In an interview on 60 Minutes, Morgan completely felt there was no need for the month, declaring “I don’t want a Black History Month.” Within this interview he proclaims black history is part of the entire history of America and should not be constrained to a single month; (Freeman). America restricts Black History to just a fraction of the year. This brief amount of time only allows people to touch on the subject of black history instead of fully immersing oneself into it (Williams). When America calls it “Bla...

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...lerance and racial tolerance in this country has been remarkably constant over that period. The United States would be better off if people would value cultures and races different from their own as well as respect and appreciate them. Someone’s character and personality is what should be seen, not the color of their skin. Stop labeling people, White, Black or Negro, Hispanic or Mexican, Asian or Chinese, and just incorporate all historical persons having to do with United States history as such. Black history, along with other races’ history, needs to be consistent and persistent, not restricted to a month. Despite whatever improving effects black history month was supposed to have had, the fact remains that it has failed to have any lasting impact on race relations in the United States. America needs to take the next step in this journey and end Black History Month.

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