African Culture : African Indigenous Religion Essay

African Culture : African Indigenous Religion Essay

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As Europeans proceeded to judge Africa, they represented a whole continent without realizing that they’re representing just one way of telling the story of Africa which excludes possible other ways of telling the same story. The declaration that Africa is “capable of no development or culture, and as we see them at this day, such have they always been,” presents Africa as a seamless, unhistorical region that lacked the characteristic highs and lows of historical time seen in other areas around the world.
The descendants of Hegelian ideology have continued to exclude Africa as a flourishing political and cultural continent and continued a series of stereotypes that Africa is a dark continent filled with undiscovered civilizations and jungles and animals walking the streets untamed. The most important aspect of African culture that has been misconstrued is religion. Dr. Patrick Nnoromele brings up an important point that “African Indigenous religion is a faith without a founder (Nnoromele 51).” However, supporters of Hegel have an increased conviction that Africa does not possess knowledge of the immortality of the soul. In his book, he writes of African “magic” as an attempt of religion but because of a lacking idea of a God, Africans see an episode of supernatural behavior as the direct cause of another man performing sorcery instead that of God like a European believed. For example, he wrote “God thunders, but is not on that account recognized as God. For the soul of man, God must be more than a thunderer; whereas among the Negroes this is not the case (Hegel 111).” He is saying that Africans do not see a higher being above themselves therefore they lack the ability to understand that God commands the elements not man. However,...

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... of Africa, now swarm Europe and American news outlets. Celebrity colonialism now ensues and dramatized movies of African villages swarm box offices. However, through investigation it is seen that Africa was a booming continent with much promise before, during, and after colonial rule. Africans fought for independence, because they believed in their own personal self-worth and ability to serve their people unselfishly. Followers of Georg Hegel and Trevor-Roper lack the insight that showed Africa’s wealthy empires like that of Ghana with copious amounts of salt and gold used for trades, or the kingdom of Mali led by the powerful Mansa Musa, the wealthiest man to have lived. The empires aforementioned countless others dominated before Europeans colonized Africa. The people of Africa knew wealth as well as poverty like that of any other empire, clan, kingdom, or region.

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