African Conference : A Film Funded By The Great Britain Colonial Office Essay

African Conference : A Film Funded By The Great Britain Colonial Office Essay

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The film African Conference in London is a film funded by the Great Britain Colonial Office that examines Africa’s position within the post-war British Empire. The conference was held at Lancaster house in 1948, and the film itself follows the African delegates as they are shown different methods of farming and industrialization as well as famous British cultural aspects. The film itself comes across as innocent enough, showing delegates and British politicians side by side, smiling and laughing in a friendly manner as they share in each other’s cultures. However, upon close examination it is clear that the film in itself is a piece of colonial propaganda, perpetuating such concepts as oriental discourse, modernization as the sole method of development, and cultural superiority/appropriation.
The period of time in before the Lancaster House conference was ripe with political tension around the globe. The world was just coming out of the most violent and destructive war in the history of mankind, the effects of which were being widely felt throughout Europe, and there was the beginning rumblings of revolution within colonial states, most of whom were located in colonial Africa. During this time as well the world was beginning to take a more humanitarian perspective on life, and beginning to consider the concept of development (Parker & Rathbone, 2007). This can be seen through things like the creation of the United Nations in 1945 and the world bank in 1944. These factors combined created a whole new worldly perspective. The African Conference film is a prime example of these changing tides, as it shows the interconnectedness within these different cultures. However, this film, whose intended audience is African nationals, also a...

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...ers at be are more important, smarter, better, and that anyone less than them needed to do their bidding (Faith, 2013).
This short movie portrayed a scene of positivity, potential, and cooperation between the African states and the British Empire in an attempt to justify colonialism and quell the tension within the African nations. By making it seem as a cooperative effort between the two parties the British Empire was able to justify a good portion of the decisions that they had made during the time of their rule, as well as imply that the ruling African parties had a say in the decisions being made when they did not what so ever. In conclusion, the film African Conference in London was nothing more than a type of pro-colonial propaganda pushed by the British government onto the African peoples, making it just another dark page in the chapter of colonialism.

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